Social Media: Pitfalls to avoid


As I was walking by the Indianapolis canal, I realised that there are some basic mistakes that even experienced users of social media make quite often while promoting a brand. We are equipped with social media marketing techniques that have pros and cons. Through social media, we try to create an identity of our own and of our brands. It can make or break the image for consumer and investment market. A clean and informative website has the ability to rope in more clients and bring in more business. For all of us involved in the business of social media, it is important to be aware of the common mistakes that should be avoided.

Redundancy : Avoid redundancy. As the statement mentions, every company would like to involve itself in promoting their brand. Get something new and creative which involves consumers attention and involvement. As mentioned in James. E. Grunig’s Two-Way symmetrical model “Use communication to negotiate with the public, resolve conflict and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its stakeholders”. Business grows when there is a proper communication channel.


Brands to fans and fans to brands:  In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that its easier to work with social networking sites which consist of crowds or potential consumers. As new social networking mediums mushroom with each passing day, it would get harder for companies to pull crowds where your brand is. Don’t be all over the place. It important to be consistent with the content and to be responsible with it as it makes an impression with the public. Advertising costs will get higher depending on the demand of the social networking firm.

Being inactive: Don’t go into extreme ends. It might get tricky when the social media venue is left inactive for long periods, especially when the brand is building an audience or attracting potential consumers. You might have a great looking profile picture and cover photo but go ahead and change it at regular intervals. Have fans and followers comment on the new picture. Have a ready reply after a few days so get them engaging. Brands don’t speak for themselves, the company gets the brands close to their audience.

Not having a ready plan: Social media has the ability to change the game plan. Its essential for companies to have a concrete plan in mind before working on a social media plan. Working on a timeline can get things moving actively. Making the social networking sites a job channel, interactive channel etc. can get traffic going.

Not being result oriented: Measure your traffic.  Have projection to bring in results. A haphazard presence on social media can get things haywire. There are many ways of measuring results of the work done online.

These are some of my thoughts on the common mistakes to avoid on social media. Pulling a great plan together, having good content, two flow interaction will gets working and intact.


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